20 Channels 4 Returns Drum Snake Cable

Our 20 Channels 4 ReturnsSnake Cable with 4 Returns housed in a 50-metre drum cage is the ultimate solution for unparalleled portability and convenience.

The drum cage design features a sturdy frame with wheels and a handle, ensuring easy transportation and deployment in any venue or studio environment.

The drum effectively organizes and protects the cable, preventing tangles and damage during transport. With 20 input channels and 4 return channels, this snake cable offers extensive connectivity options for a wide range of audio applications.

The clearly labeled XLR connectors guarantee a quick and seamless connection process.

The 50-metre length provides the reach needed for large stages, outdoor events, and expansive recording setups. Ideal for mobile and on-the-go audio professionals, this drum cage version delivers convenience, durability, and high-quality signal management, making it an indispensable tool for any demanding audio setup.




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