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Snake Cables in Kenya

Snake cables are an essential component for any serious audio setup, whether you’re working in live sound, studio recording, or broadcasting. These versatile cables streamline your workflow, enhance your setup’s organization, and ensure you can manage a multitude of audio signals with ease. Let’s explore why investing in a high-quality snake cable is a game-changer for your audio needs.

Efficiency and Cleanliness in Your Setup

Imagine the chaos of dealing with dozens of individual cables for each signal input and output. Snake cables eliminate this mess by bundling multiple audio channels into a single, organized cable. On one end, you connect all your signal sources—whether microphones, instruments, or other audio inputs. This bundle is then routed through a single cable, which splits back out into individual connectors at the other end, ready to be plugged into your mixer or audio interface. This not only keeps your workspace tidy but also significantly reduces the setup and teardown time, allowing you to focus more on the performance or recording session.

Tailored to Your Needs: Channels and Distance

When selecting a snake cable, two critical factors to consider are the number of channels and the cable length.


The number of channels corresponds to the number of individual signals you need to manage. For example, if you have 8 signal sources on stage, you’ll need a snake cable with at least 8 channels. For more complex setups, such as a full band with multiple instruments and vocalists, a snake cable with 30 or more channels may be necessary. By matching the channel count to your needs, you ensure that all your signals are effectively managed without the need for additional cables. An example of channels is the 12 Channels Drum snake cable that can handle 12 signal inputs and has 4 returns


Snake cables come in various lengths to suit different setups, typically ranging from 30 to 100 meters. Choosing the right length ensures that you can run your signals from the stage to the mixing console without strain or excess slack. For larger venues or outdoor events, longer cables provide the necessary reach, while shorter cables are perfect for more compact setups. We have a 32 channel snake cable with 50 metres in a drum that has wheels for easy transport

Returns: More Than Just Inputs

Most snake cables come with return channels, which are indispensable for certain audio tasks. Returns can be used to send monitor mixes back to the performers, ensuring they can hear themselves clearly. They can also be utilized to route signals to powered speakers or other audio equipment. Typically, snake cables offer 4 or 8 return channels, giving you flexibility in how you manage your audio outputs. This is a crucial feature that sound engineers look for, as it enhances the versatility and functionality of the audio system.

Added Convenience: Portability Options

Depending on your needs, you might prefer a snake cable with added portability features. For instance, a snake cable housed in a drum (or cage) comes with wheels, making it easy to transport and deploy in various settings. This is particularly useful for mobile setups or venues where the cable needs to be frequently moved. Alternatively, stage boxes can be mounted on the wall or placed on the stage, providing a stationary connection point for all your audio inputs and outputs.

Why Choose Our Snake Cables?

Our snake cables are designed with the professional in mind. They combine durability, flexibility, and superior signal integrity, ensuring you get the best possible audio quality. With a range of options in both channels and lengths, as well as convenient features like return channels and portability aids, our snake cables are an investment that will pay off in every performance or recording session.

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