32 Channels 8 Returns Drum Snake Cable

Introducing our 32-Channel Snake Cable with 8 Returns, housed in a 50-metre drum cage—designed for the ultimate in portability and professional-grade audio management.

This snake cable is perfect for large-scale events, extensive studio setups, and on-the-go recording sessions. The drum cage features a sturdy frame equipped with wheels and a handle, ensuring effortless transportation and deployment in any setting.

The drum design keeps the cable neatly organized and protected, preventing tangles and damage during transit.

With 32 input channels, this snake cable provides ample connectivity for a wide array of microphones, instruments, and other audio sources.

The 8 return channels offer enhanced flexibility, allowing you to send multiple monitor mixes back to performers or route signals to powered speakers and additional audio equipment.

The clearly labeled XLR connectors ensure a quick and hassle-free connection process, saving valuable time during setup and teardown.

The 50-metre length offers the reach required for large stages, outdoor events, and expansive recording environments, ensuring high-quality signal integrity and efficient cable management.

Ideal for professional audio engineers and sound technicians, this 32-channel, 8-return drum cage version combines durability, convenience, and superior performance, making it an indispensable tool for any demanding audio setup.


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