Drum sets

Drum sets: The Voice of the Drummer.

Drums are one of the most essential instruments in music. They provide the rhythm and foundation for all other instruments, and they can be used to create a wide variety of sounds. Whether you’re playing in a Church  Band drums are crucial to bringing the pulse to the room

How much does a drum set cost?

Generally, they cost from Ksh 8,000 for Snare Drums and rise to upwards of Ksh 150,000 for complete drum sets. The price difference is due to factors such as quality, brand name, and number of hardware in the set

Bass Drums sets:

1. Overview: Also known as kick drums, play a crucial role in contemporary drum kits. Characterized by their large cylindrical shape, these drums produce deep, low-frequency sounds, serving as the rhythmic foundation in various musical genres.

2. Features: Bass drums feature a wooden shell covered with drumheads made from plastic or natural animal skin. Drummers utilize a foot pedal and a beater attached to a pedal mechanism to play them. By adjusting the tension of the drumheads, the pitch and resonance of the sound produced can be modified.

3. Applications: Bass drums find widespread use in rock, pop, jazz, and marching bands. The deep, resonant tones they produce add impact to the music, providing a solid foundation for other instruments. In marching bands, the bass drum imparts rhythmic pulse and visual flair during performances.

4. Maintenance Tips: To ensure optimal condition for your bass drum:
– Regularly clean the drumhead and shell using a soft cloth or drum-specific cleaning products to remove dirt and debris.
– Maintain proper tension in the drumhead. Use a drum key to evenly adjust the tension rods and achieve the desired pitch.
– Avoid extreme temperature and humidity, as they can affect the drum’s shell and the drumhead’s performance. Store the drum in a cool, dry place when not in use.
– Inspect the pedal mechanism for signs of wear or damage. Lubricate the moving parts as necessary to ensure smooth operation.

Electric Drums Sets:

1. Overview: Electric drums, or electronic drums or e-drums, have gained popularity among modern drummers. These innovative instruments utilize electronic sensors or drum pads to generate diverse sounds upon striking, offering versatility and flexibility.

2. Features: They comprise drum pads, a sound module, and a control unit. The drum pads are sensitive to velocity and can be customized to emulate various drum sounds. With a sound module, drummers can select from an extensive library of sampled sounds and effects, replicating the characteristics of acoustic drums or creating unique electronic sounds.

3. Applications: Electric drums find application in various music genres, studio recordings, and live performances. They provide volume control and the convenience of silent practice using headphones. Consequently, they are particularly favored in electronic music production due to their seamless integration with digital audio workstations (DAWs).

4. Maintenance Tips: To ensure longevity and optimal performance of electric drums:
– Clean the drum pads regularly with a soft cloth after each session. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that may damage the pads’ surfaces.
– Safeguard cables and connectors from excessive bending or pulling to prevent damage.
– Regularly update the firmware or software of the drum module to benefit from performance enhancements and new features.
– When transporting electric pads, use padded cases or bags to protect them from impacts and vibrations.

With Kenya’s embrace of modern drumming styles, Bass & Electric drums have become essential components of contemporary music. Understanding their features and following proper maintenance practices will empower drummers to optimize their performance and preserve the quality of these instruments for years to come.

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