The Rockstar TG-25 Practice amp price in Kenya is Ksh 11000

Rockstar TG-25 Small Practice Amp

INPUT 1—Connection for electric guitar or balladry guitar
INPUT 2— Connection for guitar or microphone
GRIND—To select between DRIVE and CLEAN
GAIN—To adjust the preamplifier effect level for the ground channel
BASS—To control the boost and cut of the low-frequency range
TREBLE—To control the boost and cut off the upper frequencies
VOLUME—Adjusts the overall level or volume of the amplifier
HEADPHONE— For connecting headphones with a 6.5mm
stereo plug. When using the headphone jack,
the speaker is disconnected
POWER—Turns amplifier ON and OFF

TG-25 Guitar Amp Specification

OUTPUT POWER             25watt
AC POWER                       220V 50HZ

SPEAKER                         8 inches
SNR frequency                  70 db



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