Rockstar YX-15W Small Guitar Combo

The price of the Rockstar YX-15W Guitar combo in Kenya is Ksh 8500

For guitarists seeking a versatile and portable practice amp, the Rockstar YX-15W guitar combo deserves a serious look. This compact combo packs a surprising punch, making it ideal for home practice, jamming with friends, and even small gigs. Let’s delve deeper into the features and performance of the YX-15W to see if it’s the perfect match for your musical journey.

First Impressions:

The YX-15W strikes a balance between size and functionality. It’s lightweight and easily transportable, making it ideal for apartment dwellers or musicians who practice on the go. The build quality feels solid, with a classic black Tolex covering and a metal grille protecting the speaker. The control panel is clean and uncluttered, with large knobs and easy-to-read labels, ensuring intuitive operation for players of all experience levels.

Sound & Power:

Don’t let the compact size fool you. The YX-15W delivers a surprising amount of power, its 15 watts pumping out enough volume to fill a room with rich guitar tones. The clean channel offers a sparkling and articulate sound. Great for most genres, especially considering the price point.

Tonal Tweaking:

The YX-15W may not boast a plethora of effects, but it provides the essentials for sculpting your sound. A simple 3-band EQ (bass, mid, treble) allows you to dial in your desired tonal balance. The built-in distortion control offers a wide range of gain, letting you go from subtle overdrive to a heavier crunch. While it lacks the complexity of dedicated distortion pedals, it provides enough versatility for practice and casual jamming.

Practice Perfect:

The YX-15W excels as a practice amp. The headphone jack allows for silent practice, a godsend for late-night sessions or playing in shared spaces. Additionally, the CD/MP3 input allows you to jam along to your favorite backing tracks or practice with instructional videos. This is a fantastic feature for beginners looking to develop their skills or for experienced players wanting to learn new songs.

Overall Impression:

The Rockstar YX-15W guitar amplifier offers exceptional value for its price. It’s a compact, portable, and user-friendly amp that delivers surprising power and decent tones. While it might not be suitable for professional gigging due to its limited wattage and lack of advanced features, it’s a fantastic choice for beginners, bedroom players, and musicians who need a portable practice solution.

Here’s a quick recap of the pros and cons of the Rockstar YX-15W Guitar Amplifier :


  • Compact and portable design
  • User-friendly control panel
  • 15 watts of power provides ample volume for practice and jamming
  • Clean and overdrive channels offer versatile tones
  • Built-in EQ for tonal shaping
  • Headphone jack for silent practice
  • CD/MP3 input for jamming and practicing


  • Limited effects options
  • Not ideal for high-gain metal tones
  • Lower wattage might not be suitable for larger gigs


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