CAF L18 Power Amplifier

If you need a high-quality 2-channel power amplifier for your church equipment, the CAF L18 Power Amplifier is an excellent choice. This robust amplifier is designed to handle demanding audio setups with ease and reliability, making it an ideal solution for venues that require consistent and powerful sound output.

Exceptional Handling and Performance

The CAF L18 Power Amplifier excels in managing multiple speakers without compromising on performance or overheating. It can power up to four double bass speakers, with two speakers on each channel. This ensures that the low frequencies are handled effectively, delivering deep and rich bass tones essential for a full audio experience.

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Versatile Mid-Range Capability

In addition to its prowess with bass speakers, the CAF L18 can also support a substantial number of mid-range speakers. Specifically, it can power up to six mid-range speakers per channel, allowing a total of twelve speakers. This capability ensures that mid-range frequencies are well-represented, providing clear and balanced audio across your venue.

Secure and User-Friendly Design

One of the CAF L18 Power Amplifier’s standout features is its thoughtful design to enhance security and user control. All the control knobs and settings are located on the back of the unit. This strategic placement deters unauthorized individuals from tampering with the amplifier settings, ensuring that your audio setup remains consistent and secure.

Reliable and Efficient

The CAF L18 is built to be reliable and efficient, making it a valuable addition to any church or similar environment where high-quality sound is essential. Its design and functionality are geared towards providing a seamless audio experience, with robust handling of multiple speakers and protection against overheating.


To summarize, the CAF L18 Power Amplifier is a versatile and reliable choice for managing church audio equipment. Its ability to handle up to four double bass speakers and twelve mid-range speakers without overheating, coupled with its secure back-panel controls, makes it an ideal solution for ensuring high-quality sound in any large venue. Whether you are looking to enhance your church’s sound system or require a dependable amplifier for another purpose, the CAF L18 is a top-tier option.



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